Thursday, February 3, 2011

Microsoft Lync & Cisco Webex

   Microsoft Lync is a very efficient software that will be very useful, both professionally (business use) and personally. Businesses today are continually shifting into the virtual technology with VoIP and video conferencing. Microsoft Lync is just the next step. This program will be a great utility for employees to work together and have meetings without being in the same location. Lync allows the employees to collaborate and individually edit the same project from wherever they are in the world. Lync also allows for business meetings to take place at any time, without the worry of having everyone in the same room; employees will see the same thing (presentation), at the same time, and also be able to see and converse with each other in real time. I truly believe that this tool, that Lync has created, will be a key aspect to every businesses in the near future. It will also be easier on the employees so that they don't have to schedule to be at the same place at the same time, in order to have a meeting / presentation.
   However, Lync also allows for personal use! Everything said before can be used for personal use, such as in school for a group project, but it also allows for instant messaging and video chat. This could be used between a two friends, or a group of friends, for any reason and also for family members to keep in touch.

   Cisco Webex is a similar software to Microsoft Lync. However, I consider this software to be more associated with business use. Like Lync, Webex allows for employees to converse and see the same thing without being in the same room; it seems to have all the same business features that Lync has. During a presentation using Webex, you can, at any time, give control to another member in the presentation. I think this is a great feature because in presentations / meetings you usually don't just listen to the ideas of one person. This allows for everyone to give their input and show their own ideas. This program doesn't, however, seem to have as many personal uses as does Lync. Cisco Webex seems to be mainly focusing on business use and because of that I think it will probably be the better tool to use in a business. But, I don't think it would be fair to judge until I have had experience using both of them!

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  1. I have used both WebEx and Lynch and both are good. However, if you need more security for your business, I would recommend deploying on premise RHUB web conferencing appliances. It simply works from behind your firewall, hence total protection.